Contact Center

Today’s contact center must be highly scalable and fully featured, enabling interactive voice response (IVR) and consolidation of customer interactions across channels with the ability to integrate social media and email communications in a traditional PBX or IP telephony environments.


Globe IT Experts provides a similar solution which delivers right experience, with right channel, on right time.

We match your customers’ needs with the right resource for optimal customer service. It increases business profits by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also enables advanced routing for every customer interaction via a universal routing engine that provides a single queue for all customer transactions from any channel.

We provide Premises based and Hosted contact center platform which centralizes the creation, administration, and management of the customer interactions with the broadest range of contact center infrastructure at both the network and premise levels.


Key Differentiators

– Unified platform that supports any communication channel
– Advanced routing for every customer interaction via a universal routing engine
– Integrates with your existing contact center infrastructure; open and standards-based
– Supports a comprehensive application programming interface and software development kits (API/SDK)



Intelligent Call Routing Our Call Center Technology provides intelligent routing, from basic to highly sophisticated, helps meet objectives for customer segmentation and differentiated service with choices, including screen pop, data-driven routing, agent profile/skills-based routing, last agent/relationship-based routing, cost-based routing, service-level routing, and workforce routing.
Screen Pop We provide customized Screen pop as part of solution which helps our client better customer experience.
Central Administration GITE provided Call center technology features a web-based administrator to simplify operation management, with the ability to provision, deploy, and monitor all applications. Centralized management, configuration, and administration enable real-time interaction to changing contact center traffic and resource conditions and reduce deployment complexity and time to market.
Voice Application Development Integrated studio provides a unified development tool for end-to-end call flow, self-service, and routing strategy design for all channels with drag-and-drop graphical user interface.
Reporting Real-time and historical reporting on complete customer interaction lifecycle assists resource effectiveness planning.
Inbound Voice Increased resolution of inbound calls with better call management and the ability through intelligent routing, to route them directly to the right resource. Manages all incoming circuit-switched and Voice over IP calls and delivers the caller to the right contact center agent with the right customer information.