IP Telephony

We provide world class IP telephony solutions that are highly scalable and reliable to enhance employee productivity and reduce communication costs with feature-rich IP telephony solutions. With our solutions, your staff can count on effective, unified communications no matter where they are.
It provides a way for you to extend consistent voice communications services to all your employees in their workspaces — on the main campus, at branch offices, remote, or mobile.


Our scalable IP telephony solutions offer the same high-quality communications whether your enterprise has a few or 100,000 users. Our flexible architecture offers an unparalleled range of deployment options. Our built-in resiliency minimizes costs and maximizes reliability.


Using your network as the platform, your organization can gain the inherent benefits of a converged network for transport and interconnection.

IP telephony makes it easier to:

–  Provide highly secure, reliable, scalable communications that take advantage of your LAN and WAN.
–  Improve employee flexibility and productivity with the full range of our Telephony solution and third party applications.
–  Take advantage of a wide range of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based capabilities