With GITE Speech solution, you can consistently deliver a great customer service experience while improving your self-service system’s containment rate.


It delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy even as it encourages natural, human-like conversations – the conversations that create more satisfying interactions with your customers.

Our Speech solution gracefully combines computer-generated and pre-recorded audio so you can automate more types of calls, improve your callers’ self-service experience and reduce implementation and operational costs.


Our Healthcare Speech solutions eliminates the need for medical transcription which saves valuable time and money, which means having more time to see patients.


Drastically Reduce Cost Customers are often frustrated with large menu trees that never actually get them to the correct option. We all have experienced the long, complex menus, and sub-menus, that touch tone applications have forced us to use. When customers call a self-service speech application they immediately recognize the difference. A well done speech system helps them rather than acting as a barrier to information or to speaking with an agent.
Improve Customer Experience One of the telltale signs of a bad touch tone application is when customers frequently ‘zeroout’ of the menu in order to speak with an agent. When this happens, the low cost automated call is now routed to an expensive agent, with all too often the call placed on hold first. This leads to higher costs for the contact center and, most likely, a poor customer experience.
The ability to interact with customers in a conversational manner, in the way they naturally speak, is a powerful driver for increasing customer satisfaction scores when using GITE’s self-service speech solutions.
Expanding your Revenue Generation Thousands of companies around the world have found an effective way to address these challenges with self-service speech solutions. Agents that are handling mostly mundane and repetitive calls, such as requests for an account balance, tend to have higher turnover rates and lower job satisfaction. By automating the high volume routine calls, your agent’s time and skills can be used more effectively.
Included with the GITE’s self-service speech solutions are a variety of tools and techniques to quickly deploy applications and to easily modify them. This enables your team to enhance your applications to effectively meet changes in your caller population as they occur.