Interactive Voice Response

Globe IT Experts provides Self Service Interactive voice response solution that is secure, flexible for both TDM, IP or hybrid environments, powerful and customizable based on business needs.

Solution is available for all type of customers who are:
+ Small and Medium size
+ Large and Enterprises

Some of the core features of our solution is to reduce cost and customization available on the run to ensure quick and efficient self-service for their customers.



 Reducing Cost Customer identification, customized prompts and their reporting ensures that correct decisions and actions are taken to address customer needs. This helps reduce costs and increase first contact resolution of customer issues or inquiries.
 Intelligent Self-service GITE ensures that right features are implemented such as unique functional IVR and reporting capabilities to improve ease of use. As soon as new business/commercial needs arise, IVR intelligently deals and collect accurate data to address customer requirements.
 Advanced Integration For the success of right IVR solution depends heavily on how its integration is written to support multiple client platforms as well as industries leading CRM, billing and charging platforms. GITE’s offered IVR does it all for you, to ensure strong integration on all front for organizations to take business and key decisions quickly. Without such integrations in place, it’ll likely to duplicate data and redundant reporting interfaces causes confusions to support business decisions.
 Extremely customizable Strong customizations and ability to empower end-user is one of the core ideas for the success of our customers. It allows end users to update prompts, data, call flows, integrations and routing algorithms for quicker, efficient and profitable self-service solution.