Quality Management

Globe IT Experts (GITE) provides Quality Management with a complete set of components to improve your contact center quality and performance. The suite offers interaction recording, screen capture, performance evaluation, and live monitoring.


It scales from small contact center deployments up to large distributed enterprise architectures and supports hosted and multi-site environments.



Quality Management Solution Advantages
+ Provides a complete set of solutions to effectively manage your contact center including interaction recording, screen capture, agent evaluation, and live monitoring.
+ Designed for both small and large contact centers and fully supports distributed and hosted environments.
+ Quality Management Suite architecture features full redundancy for performance and high availability with Full support of SIP solutions.
+ Ease of install and use, designed from the user’s point of view.
+ Full support for compliance recording to help you meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Securities and Exchange Commission requirements.
+ Privileged based user access including optional call encryption with full audit log of every user action taken to ensure a high level of security.
+ Robust Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) supports your requirements for capturing, archiving, restoring, backup, and deletion policies.
+ Localization with multiple languages including Russian and Arabic available. Each user can select their preferred language and new localizations can be added.



Call Recording
+ GITE Call Recording is a multichannel recording solution for call centers, contact centers and unified communications environments. Call Recording is easy to install and use and allows you to centrally manage your entire deployment. The robust enterprise features will help you meet all of your compliance recording needs.
+ Search for calls using parameters such as the customer ID or order number enabled by out-of-the-box integration with your contact center and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
+ Leverage Active (device based) recording to save time on network configuration and reconfigurations when network topology changes.
+ Play back calls using its Advanced Player, which allows you to play the entire customer interaction in one recording, including Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR), transfers, holds and conferences.
+ Use optional call encryption to protect sensitive recordings
+ Keep data secure with an audit trail for each and every user action
+ Benefit from the on demand recording function for your back office
+ Use the robust Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) tools to synchronize calls from multiple locations into a central Replay Server and manage retention policies for data interaction based on any defined parameters
+ Fully supporting compliance requirements for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SEC 17a-3 and 4, and SOX



Quality and Performance Management
Quality Manager is a comprehensive Contact Center quality management solution for scoring and improving an agent’s performance. Quality Manager enables the creation of multiple scoring questionnaires, scheduling and execution of evaluations and the use of reports to spot trends.
+ Use rich reporting features that identify agent strengths and weaknesses in service, interactions and communication skills.
+ Create evaluation criteria to score and measure an agent’s skill sets based on your exact requirements
+ Select and score calls recorded by Call Recording using criteria such as length of call, day of the week, time of day and any other parameter from contact center and CRM integration
+ Give agents access to their evaluations with additional feedback on a good performance or the need for improvement
+ Use trend reports and graphs to identify agent and team progress and improvement
+ User Management features allow you to seamlessly synchronize and authenticate users between Call Recording with top notch platforms.
+ Monitor high level call center performance indicators via the Call Center Dashboard view.