GCCD – Contact Center Desktop


GCCD is a multi-channel Desktop solution which is designed to deliver the customer interaction or tasks to the agent’s desktop and empower the agent to efficiently manage assigned workload.

It is fully integrated with Telephony and CRM platforms to assist employee better deal with customers. It provides history of the interaction / call as well for better customer service.


Improves Agent Efficiency

Exceptional customer experience can only be delivered by agents who have the right desktop environment. Yet, in many contact centers, agents are still poorly equipped with an array of cumbersome, disconnected customer service software. This results in extensive wait and hold times, long calls, and frustrated customers who may leave for a competitor that provides better service.

Real Time Information availability

GCCD eliminates the need for disconnected applications that frustrate both employees and customers. As service delivery extends beyond the contact center, all employees who interact with customers can be empowered with the information, applications and processes needed to accomplish a task. GCCD transforms how agents manage customer interactions seamlessly across multiple channels.

Integration with Customer Relationship Management

GCCD supports any CRM through its robust model due to its browser’s support. It gets integrated with any other web based application within its desktop for Agent’s to use one environment instead of multiple environments.


Key differentiation

  • Blends inbound, outbound, email, and chat into a multi-channel interaction
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Provides real-time statistics
  • Enables multi-tenant and across-the-enterprise deployments
  • Supports multi-browsers control
  • Ability to keep the customer’s history



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